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Baseline 50001

Energy Management for the 21st century

What is Baseline 50001 and how can it help improve your current management system and deliver on your energy management goals?

Having developed the Baseline 50001 energy management software and given that it is so different to anything else that is out there on the market I am often asked to describe the system and explain “what type of system it is”.  Is it a Building Management System, (BMS)/ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) / Computer Aided Facility Management system (CAFM)/Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)/Integrated Workplace Management System/ Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) system or what is it.

The Baseline 50001 energy management software is something that does not compete directly with any of the above but complements what these systems do and ensures that what these systems do is correctly approached and completed – but taking energy performance into account.

Firstly, lets clearly explain what ISO 50001 is.  This is an international standard, developed by hundreds of international energy experts that have put our heads together in a collaborative manner to agree a set of requirements that an organisation must meet to allow them to be able to say conclusively that their organisation manages its energy in a way that delivers energy performance improvement.  The existence of the Energy Management Standard then allows organisations to put themselves forward for external assessment and then certification the ISO 50001 standard that allows them as an organisation to demonstrate their energy credentials.

Within organisations there is a “spectrum” of management systems approaches that can be taken to meet this requirement.  On one end of the spectrum is a heavily documented management system, where there is a form, a template, and an SOP for everything.  This type of management system tends to be “documentation heavy”, where you feel you are working for the system, as opposed to the system working for you.  Although this approach can take up quite an amount of time doing paperwork, it has the advantage that when the audit comes around, if you have been adhering to the requirements of the system, then you will have plenty of evidence that you meet the requirements of the standard.  It is of course possible to integrate the requirements of the standard into the various systems of the organisation, such as IWMS, CMMS and M&T, but the reality is that it cuts across the requirements of all of the different systems and needs to be carefully thought through and implemented on each system, which rarely happens because of the multiplicity of people and skills that are required to make this happen.  On the other end of the spectrum of energy management systems is the “documentation lite approach”.  In this approach, the focus is on doing what is required to improve energy performance. Doing, nor writing or talking about doing.  The benefit of this approach is quite often improved energy performance, but the downside is that quite often when the audit comes around the organisation is not able to demonstrate that it meets the requirements of the energy management standard.

In almost all cases, no matter where on the spectrum of energy management systems your system lies, the organisation tends to need to spend days, weeks, and sometimes months in preparing for an audit from an external body, gathering evidence of what was done, doing what was meant to be done, and sometimes fabricating evidence to make something that was not done appear to have been done.  This leads to time wasted that could have been spent in improving energy performance.

So, what about Baseline 50001

This is a software tool that has been developed purely around the requirements of an energy manager. Developed by ISO Baseline, Baseline 50001 provides the tools and processes that an energy manager requires to manage energy.

Simple use

Take the pain out of managing energy in the organisation

Single reference point

Single point of reference for all energy management activity

Multisite & Multilocation

With Baseline50001 is possible to manage the whole Corporation.

Audit ready
10 %
Clear visibility of financial and Energy information
10 %
Cover Iso 50001 Standard
10 %

Baseline 50001 demo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baseline 50001 is a management system, structured in aligned with the requirements of the International Energy Management Standard ISO50001 that assists organisations with significant energy use to manage their energy in a practical way, saving energy, saving money and saving time and remaining audit ready for their next ISO50001 audit

No.  The energy management system is aligned with the structures and requirements of ISO50001 – which is essentially a set of common sense requirements to manage energy in an effective manner set down in a set of rules.  If you follow the approach of ISO50001 using Baseline50001 you will save energy, time and money, but Certification is not required.

Baseline50001 incorporates a documentation management system as an integral part of the system but the primary focus of the system is about energy management activities, not documentation, as documentation will not save you energy, money and time.

If your organisation is a significant user of energy then there is a Baseline50001 system for you.  The standard system is referred to as a single site system.  A multi-location system is also available for organisations where they have similar activities spread out over many locations and a multi-site system is also available, typically for the multi-national to bring together the relevant activities multiple sites around the globe

Yes, Data security and data privacy are key requirements to all businesses.  European client data will be hosted on European Servers unless specifically required otherwise.  ISO Baseline Ltd has contracts in place with all of our staff and service providers in relation to client data security and privacy.

The software system is completely multi-lingual.  It is currently available in English and Spanish but other language versions can be created when installing the system.

No!.  Communication from the system is sent to you via your email and can be linked to “outlook”.  You will need to log onto the system to register activities undertaken and task others.

Effective energy management should encourage participation so Baseline50001 has an unlimited number of task users included.

ISO Baseline Ltd will supply the software system and carry out basic configuration of the system in accordance with the response received from a set of standard questions.  The system will then need to be “populated” with the relevant information particular to your location and organisation.  This can be done by the end user or by their own energy consultant, offsite energy manager.

ISO Baseline Ltd runs one day training courses to demonstrate how to populate the system at selected locations and online.  Baseline50001 customers and their energy consultants will be invited to attend free of charge.  In addition a number of training videos are available to demonstrate the various activities.

Customers signing up to Baseline can opt to be billed on an annual basis or 3 –yearly basis.  There is no long term contract required.

ISO Baseline Ltd hosts all systems and data on secure servers on multiple locations simultaneously and copies taken daily and weekly stored separately to ensure no data loss.

ISO Baseline Ltd has agreements in place with different hosting service providers in order to get the best service for our clients at a reasonable cost.  If however your organisation has specific requirements in relation to hosting we will work within these requirements.

ISO Baseline Ltd is happy to work with end user clients and consultants and in many cases the client will rely on the skills and experience of the energy consultants to assist them in managing their energy portfolio.  Energy Professionals may be a key part to populating the energy management system but ISO Baseline Ltd must be contractually obligated to the data owner for the system for data security and privacy purposes.

No.  ISO Baseline Ltd provides the system and training in use of the system.

No!  ISO Baseline Ltd will work with any energy professionals appointed by the end client but will not provide energy consultancy services ourselves or via a third party.

There are a number of training videos available to demonstrate the operation of the system.  Contact via and we can arrange a demonstration for you.

No.  Baseline50001 has the ability to import data files manually or automatically from other systems, set up Energy Performance Indicators and Target Baselines for these with automatic flagging when energy use is not as expected.  It is not however an M&T system but can work with our clients existing M&T systems.

Ian Boylan

ISO50001 expert